Fees & Funding


Monday – 8am – 6pm,  Tuesday – 8am – 3.30pm,  Wednesday – 8am – 12.00pm,

Thursday – 8am – 5pm,  Friday – 8am – 6pm

Playgroup opens during school term time only and we operate alongside Petham Primary School in this respect, although we welcome children from all over the Canterbury and surrounding areas. We are registered to care for 27 children daily and our children can join us for as many sessions per week as required.


Half day: £13.50

Lunch: £3.50

Whole day: £27

We are registered to receive funding for three and four year olds with government vouchers and we also operate the 'free for two's' scheme for those who qualify.


As a charity it is essential that we carry out regular fundraising activities. The committee sets out a calendar of events for everyone to enjoy throughout the year. We hold two main fundraisers per year, a spring Wine and Wisdom for parents and an autumn Halloween Parade and Disco for everyone. Both events have proven to be very successful to date as well as a lot of fun for all those involved. We also carry out smaller fundraisers throughout the year including Easter egg hunt, sponsored treasure hunts, Christmas souvenirs and the odd coffee morning. We are grateful to all the parents who give up their time to help get involved in our fundraising. All proceeds raised go towards the running of our wonderful playgroup.